Intelligent Living through MINDFULNESS

Stress relief & Effective communication techniques

It's about discovering a new way of living – the Intelligent Living – which means presence in everything that you do, less emotional reactivity, less stress, more energy, authentic communication and enhanced creativity, right action with clarity & stability of mind.

It also means concentrated attention and focus on what's the most important thing in life as a whole – professional, personal & social.

This program is designed to support professionals in becoming a better version of their best. Simply by discovering a way to bring creativity & vitality in everything they do!

  • Are you a Manager or Leader that coordinates people?
  • Are you going through transition, change and/or disruption?
  • Are you building or changing the organizational/team culture?
  • Are you working within a stressful & dynamic environment?
  • Are you in a role where focus, detail orientation, multi-tasking and concentrated attention is required?
  • Are you constantly looking for growth & development – looking to become the best version of your self?
  • Are you within a new role and/or in charge with new projects?
  • Are in a role where creativity & innovation are key for your success?

Intelligent Living through Mindfulness IS FOR YOU!

Expected Outcomes

  • Acknowledging, embracing & integrating the present moment?
  • Self-awareness & self-mastery
  • Less emotional reactivity, less stress & more energy
  • Enhanced Creativity, Vision & Innovation
  • Freedom, security & increased self-confidence, right action
  • Enthusiasm, Passion & Happiness
  • Unleashed potential & contribution in all your projects

Total Rewards and Employee Well-Being Survey, February 2012 reveals the positive effects of well being programs

Stress relief & Effective communication techniques

From stress to Vitality


  • Boost your vitality - more energy . Right thinking - Right feeling - Right action!
  • The ability to respond rather than react - Emotional intelligence
  • The shift - Learning how to respond to stress leading to awareness in motion.
  • Changing the perspective - a gift of perfection is the opportunity for discovering new ideas & solutions in the moment.
  • Turn off stress and boost your immune system .
  • Silence - releasing stress & tension in both the body & mind

Main Themes developed

  • What is stress and the different forms of stress - Responding vs. reacting.
  • Different perspective on problem solving abilities - lateral view & lateral thinking.
  • Concentrated attention - don't allow any distractions - stability of mind!
  • The inner dialogue - the shift of perspective in relation with others.
  • Strategies to manage stress - ways of extracting the positive in stressful situations.
  • Relaxing & releasing stress and tension.

Creativity Bootcamp

  • Playfulness - enhancing the ability to relax and obtain positive energy in order to develop efficient stress management strategies
  • Energizers - Exercises that need cooperation and encourage the examination of our behavior for understanding the best approaches of the stressful situations
  • Learning to find out new solutions to their problems by finding unconventional methods

"Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.“ - Lou Holtz

Authentic Communication - Your gift to the world!


  • When the inside matches the outside
  • Mindfulness & communication - communicating from the present moment
  • How to be non-judgmental on self and others.
  • Listening skills & making yourself heard
  • Building the relationship of collaboration - healthy give and get process.
  • Changing the relation to the moment all the time by tuning into it and managing conflict & difficult situations in a different way.
  • Healthy competition - always one step ahead by being present.

Main Themes developed

  • Communication with yourself.
  • Authentic communication
  • Types of listening.
  • How do these states communicate within self.
  • Collaboration and its evolution.
  • Dynamics of the Victim, Aggressor and Savior in communication.

Creativity Bootcamp

  • Playfulness - developing the ability to pay their utmost attention, be aware and listen carefully while engaged in a conversation
  • Energizers - Group & individual exercises in order to build strong relationships based on collaboration and respect
  • Learning how to enhance the ability to be more assertive in communication - to say what they think and believe without offending or upsetting the others

“Imagine that every person in the world is enlightened but you. They are all your teachers, each doing just the right things to help you learn perfect patience, perfect wisdom, perfect compassion.”

Meet the team of trainers


Executive Director, Executive Coach, Mentor & Trainer

12 years of Leadership in both small & large Multinational companies, currently acting as Regional Sales Director within Oracle Romania.

Promoter of people development through Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring & Training. Her experience also includes Organizational Assessment & implementation of effective Performance Management, succession & career planning but also business development.

Personal purpose: Contribution to a better world - a happier and more enjoyable place to be – a place where everything is possible as you become the Master of your own dreams!


Psychologist, Life & Executive Coach, Trainer

The founder of the Toriani Centre and the Romanian Association of Psychology “Toriani” decided to design and deliver a number of psychology-inspired services that would help companies and individuals reach that balance between individual & team growth, personal & professional life, performance & motivation, vision and actions through Coaching, Training, and Organizational Diagnosis.

Personal purpose: To help people see their own wings. Values - Change, Trust, Self-Accountability, People Development, Generosity.


Mindfulness Teacher , Mentor, Life & Spiritual Coach

Has traveled many years around the world and has been trained in various methods and techniques that all lead to Mindfulness in Peru, US, Tibet and India.

For the past 5 years, Rune has widely shared his Knowledge through his teachings to thousands of Romanians interested to get to know the true inner peace and harmony they were seeking for.

Personal purpose: Learn to Tune In! Discover the Greatest Gift! Wake up to a happy, loving, giving and creative universe, every day!

Testimoniale - Ce spun participantii?


“Pentru mine, participarea la acest curs a reprezentat un mare castig: m-a ajutat sa cristalizez informatii pe care le aveam intr-un fel sau altul despre cum functioneaza mintea umana, despre emotii, si mi-a oferit instrumente la indemana, foarte usor de folosit chiar si la birou, pentru a ma conecta cu mine in prezent, pentru a-mi elibera mintea si creativitatea. Mi-a reamintit despre minunata stare de echilibru pe care o dobandesti cand te detasezi de intamplarile din viata ta si esti un adult responsabil si mi-a aratat calea de a fi un om autentic si frumos interior. Mai mult decat atat, mi s-a oferit ocazia de a ma concentra pe planurile mele de viata, lucru care poate fi usor trecut cu vederea cand te lasi prins in nebunia vietii de zi cu zi. Este un curs extraordinar de util pentru oricine isi doreste sa fie mai bun in viata profesionala, fara a fi blocat de emotiile si gandurile negative pe care le poate induce perfectionismul, dar si pentru cine isi doreste sa se dezvolte personal, sa se cunoasca mai bine si sa fie un om echilibrat. Multumesc din suflet pentru ocazia de a cunoaste niste oameni minunati. “


“In cadrul primului modul Creatyvita, am simtit cu ochii si am privit cu sufletul. Maria, Victor si Rune, au creat mix-ul perfect intre ceea ce fiecare dintre noi avem: ratiune, emotii si suflet. In primul rand m-a ajutat sa-mi reamintesc potentialul enorm pe care fiecare dintre noi il avem in interiorul  nostru si mi-a oferit puterea de a crede si mai mult in drumul meu. Acum mai mult ca oricand aleg sa spun DA, vietii, culorii, muzicii, vibratiei, oamenilor frumosi din jurul meu. Aleg sa traiesc constient in prezent si sa fac din acest lucru, un stil de viata. M-au ajutat darurile primite in timpul cursului, si am responsabilitatea de a le desavarsi si transmite mai departe. Sunt recunoascatoare Mariei, lui Victor si Rune pentru crearea cadrului perfect in care sa ne putem dezvalui si armoniza potentialul. Din suflet, recomand aceasta experienta cel putin o data in viata. Iti da un nou sens, iti redefineste reperele si iti da curajul de a te vedea asa cum esti: frumos, bun si curajos. Tot ce trebuie sa faci este sa crezi!”

New Age Pilates

“Asa am inceput eu experienta Creatyvita. Cu un moment de inspiratie.  Pe scurt, a avut loc o constientizare puternica, iar mai apoi, o transformare. Multe din cele prezentate au facut un click in interioul meu. Din acest punct de vedere, Creatyvita este bine structurat. Se vede, se simte ca are o directie clara, un focus, dar si experienta real traita din spate, care da viata si suflu intregului proiect. Victor, prin dimensiunea teoretica psihologica, a trasat o schita clara, un contur al unei perspective, de unde putem sa ne evaluam. Victor ne-a facut cunostinta cu starea de OBSERVATOR. Maria a adus culoarea si magia din poveste. Aici s-a produs ALCHIMIA povestii personale, a fiecaruia. Prin exercitii simple, dar fascinante, ne-am deschis sufletul si ne-am scanat interiorul. Personal, am trecut prin toate momentele cheie din viata mea, si m-am vazut pe MINE. Am reusit sa ma inteleg mai bine, sa ma apreciez mai mult si sa vad cum anume se raporteaza exteriorul fata de mine si nu invers. Aici s-a produs transformarea. Rune ne-a aratat POSIBILITATEA de dincolo de cortina personala. Un moment cel putin interesant. Aici traiesti intens starea stiu nimic. Si tocmai de aici poate avea loc cu adevarat schimbarea. Sa poti accesa macar putin starea 0, fara ganduri, este terapie curata.  Procesul nu s-a incheiat. Toate aceste experiente, le-am luat acasa. Toti. Transformarea abia incepe si nu are buton de oprire.  Din momentul Creatyvita, am mai multa incredere in mine. Privesc in fata. Am mai urcat o treapta. Multumesc!

Quick Telesales

“Au fost 2 zile de curs intense in care am invatat si am constientizat foarte multe aspecte din viata mea. Am invatat  ca perfectionismul inseamna autoagresare si  ca este in regula sa imi dau voie sa fiu imperfecta si sa invat din greselil. Am constientizat ca nu pot schimba trecutul si ca nu pot “programa” viitorul, dar ca ma pot bucura intens de fiecare moment din prezent, indiferent de cat de nesemnificativ poate parea acel moment. In urma acestui curs am ales sa fiu o persoana mai toleranta cu mine si cu cei din jurul meu.  In concluzie: iubesc mai mult, zambesc mai mult, constientizez mai mult si am renuntat la gandurile inutile deoarece am ales sa traiesc in prezent. Va multumesc ca pentru ca intr-un timp atat de scurt m-ati ajutat sa descopar o varianta mai buna a mea.       Sunteti minunati! “